Color Cubes

Color CubesColor Cubes

Rating 23

  • Lines N/A
  • Min Bet $1.00
  • Max Bet $10.00
  • Reels N/A
  • RTP 93.00%
  • Max Payout $250,000.00

Color Cubes offers you a cascade of bold fun, as you collect and match cubes of the same color in order to score big! This Instant Win game gives you the chance to score up to three prizes per game, as you enjoy a palette of fun colors and exciting rewards. Play Color Cubes and discover enchanting features and exciting gameplay.

How to Play

Pinpointing Cubes
Press GO to set the selector beams in motion. When they stop, the cube at the intersection of the beams is pinpointed.
If the pinpointed cube is a coloured cube, that cube and all horizontally and vertically adjacent cubes of the same colour are collected and removed from the board.
When cleared, other cubes fall in from above to fill the empty spaces.
If the pinpointed cube has a star on it, the cube is removed from the board and an instant win prize is awarded.
If the pinpointed cube has a bomb on it, all cubes adjacent to the bomb are collected and removed from the board, regardless of their colour.
If a star is adjacent to a bomb when the bomb is targeted, the instant win prize attached to the star is awarded.

After nine turns are completed, the game ends.

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