Slingo Extreme

Slingo ExtremeSlingo Extreme

Rating 30

  • Lines N/A
  • Min Bet $0.50
  • Max Bet $100.00
  • Reels 5
  • RTP 95.00%
  • Max Payout $250,000.00

Slingo Extreme offers you even more chances to score with extra spins and bolder gameplay. Match the numbers on the reel to the grid and discover the thrill of huge prizes. Keep a sharp eye out for jokers, super jokers, and free spins to boost your rewards. Slingo Extreme is what you've been waiting for!

Game Features

How to Play
In stage one of the game the player commits a stake and is given 11 spins in order to complete Slingos (lines) by covering numbers in the playing grid.
The grid is randomly generated and the player is awarded a cash prize depending on how many Slingos are completed.
The cash award is added to the win meter at the end of the base game.
Slingos cover all horizontal, vertical and the two diagonal lines in a 5x5 grid to give 12 possible winning lines.

The paytable covers wins for lines 1-10 and the full house since the last remaining number on the grid will always award at least two lines.
The player can select their stake from the available options using the up and down arrows either side of the stake display.
The values in the paytable will dynamically change to reflect the selected stake.
The number of spins are displayed in the counter on the right and also represented by the number of yellow balls in the hopper.
On pressing START GAME the stake is committed, the stake buttons are removed and the first ball falls into the holding area
above the SPIN button.
The paytable changes to display a progress bar that tracks the progress of the game and displays the current number of line wins and the corresponding winning value.

Each spin is automatically played until a joker or super joker lands on the reel.
Any numbers landing on the reel that match numbers in the grid will be automatically marked off for the player.

Special Symbols

Any joker symbol landing on the reel can be used to mark any number in the row immediately above the reel position in which the joker landed.
In both manual and automatic mode the player must make the choice of which square to select.
The available options are highlighted to assist the player.

Super Joker
Any super joker symbol landing on the reel can be used to mark any number in the grid. In both manual and automatic mode the player must make the choice of which square to select.
The available options are highlighted to assist the player.
Three or more jokers or super jokers landing in any position on the reel in one spin award the player a fixed prize as per the pay table.
The cash award is added to the win meter immediately.

Any free spin symbol landing on the reel awards the player an additional spin.
This is represented by a yellow ball and is stored above the hopper.
A maximum of 8 free spins can be accumulated in any one game.
Free spin symbols are removed from the reels once 8 have been collected.
Free spin symbols do not appear in free spins or extra (purchased spins).

Any coin symbol landing on the reel awards the player a fixed prize as per the paytable.
Coins only appear on the middle reel.

Any devil symbol landing on the reel acts as a blocker on the reel.

Extra Spins
Once the 11 spins and any free spins have been completed the player moves to the second stage of the game.
Retaining the final state of the grid, the player is offered extra spins at an additional cost on a fixed odds basis.
The number of extra spins are limited to 8 and represented by green balls.
Any free spins accumulated in the game will reduce the amount of additional balls available to purchase.
For example if 2 free spins are accumulated then only 6 additional spins will be available.

The price for each spin is displayed to the player on the SPIN button.
The price of the spin is deducted from the player’s credit.
The player has the choice to SPIN or COLLECT and end the game.
The potential wins available are displayed to the player in order of win value.
The numbers required are highlighted in green and on the information bar and the amount it is possible to win is displayed over the center of the grid and highlighted in the win plan.

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