Slingo Showdown

Slingo ShowdownSlingo Showdown

Rating 45

  • Lines N/A
  • Min Bet $0.20
  • Max Bet $100.00
  • Reels 5
  • RTP 95.00%
  • Max Payout $150,000.00

Extreme Western action is waiting for you to enjoy in Slingo Showdown! Match cards with the grid in order to complete Slingos and level up your prize value, as you enjoy the thrills of a Wild West atmosphere. Claim extra spins and keep the fun going all night long - Slingo Showdown is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Game Features

Game Description
The aim of Slingo Showdown is to complete poker hands in the 5 cards revealed with each deal.
Completing Slingos (win lines) by matching the cards dealt to the cards in the grid above increase the multiplier applied to all win values attributed to poker hands.
Players have 10 deals to complete poker hands and Slingos and can then purchase extra deals for an additional cost that is determined by the potential wins available.

How To Play: Base Game
In stage one of the game the player commits a stake and is given 10 deals in order to generate poker hands and complete Slingos (lines) by covering cards in the playing grid.
The grid is randomly generated and the player is awarded a cash prize for the highest poker hand achieved over the whole game.
The value of the poker hands depending on how many Slingos are completed.
Slingos cover all horizontal, vertical and the two diagonal lines in a 5x5 grid to give 12 possible winning lines.
There are 12 win lines and 11 awards on the paytable because the last remaining number on the grid will always award at least two lines.
The player presses DEAL and any cards dealt that match cards in the grid will be automatically marked off for the player.
The exception to this are Joker and Super Joker symbols.
Completing 4-12 Slingos apply a multiplier to the value of all poker hand prizes.

How To Play: Extra Spins
Once the 10 deals and any free deals have been completed the player moves to the second stage of the game.
Retaining the final state of the grid, the player is offered extra spins at an additional cost on a fixed odds basis.
The price for each deal is displayed to the player on the DEAL button.
The price of the deal is deducted from the player’s credit.

The player has the choice to DEAL and continue their game or either COLLECT the current prize or END GAME to end the game.
Completing a full grid will end the game if the player has already achieved a poker hand.
If no poker hand has been achieved when a full grid is completed then the player will be allowed to continue to purchase deals until a poker hand is achieved.
The potential multipliers that could be reached on the next deal are displayed to the player in order of hierarchy.
The cards required are highlighted on the grid and on the information bar with the multiplier displayed over the center of the grid and highlighted in the paytable.

Special Symbols
Any joker card dealt can be used to mark any card in the row immediately above the reel position in which the joker landed.
The player must make the choice of which card to select.
The available options are highlighted to assist the player.
Jokers are wild for poker hands.

Super Joker
Any super joker card dealt can be used to mark any card in the grid.
The player must make the choice of which card to select.
The available options are highlighted to assist the player.
Super jokers are wild for poker hands.

Free deal
Any free deal card dealt awards the player an additional deal.
Free deal cards are wild for poker hands.

Any devil card dealt acts as a blocker.
Players can still make a poker hand but devil cards do not count towards any hands.

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