Let It Ride

Let It RideLet It Ride

Rating 137

  • Lines -
  • Min Bet $3.00
  • Max Bet $300.00
  • Reels -
  • RTP 95.71%
  • Max Payout $240,000.00

Let it Ride is HERE, a perennial favorite that offers you the 3-Card Bonus side bet. Maximize your gameplay experience and enjoy thrilling graphics, exciting sound effects, and classic action. Find yourself in a winning situation in no time flat with Let it Ride!

How To Play

Initial Bet
The game uses one 52-card deck which is shuffled at the conclusion of each hand.
To begin the game, the player must make three equal bets in the circles marked ($), (2) and (1).
The “3 Card Bonus” bet is optional.

Part One
The player receives three starting cards.
Two community cards are dealt face down.
The player has a choice:
A. The player can Pull, withdrawing the (1) bet, OR
B. Let It Ride and keep the bet in action.

Part Two
The first community card is revealed.
The player has a final choice:
A. Pull, withdrawing the (2) bet, OR
B. Let It Ride and keep the bet in action

Part Three
The second community card is revealed.
If the player has less than a pair of 10s, all bets left in action lose.
If the player has a pair of 10s or better, all bets left in action are paid according to the All 3 bets – ($)/(2)/(1) pay table posted within the game.
The optional 3 Card Bonus side bet is based on the player's initial three cards only.
Players are paid according to the 3 Card Bonus pay table posted within the game.

After the game ends the player can either click:
A. “Change Bet” to return to the Initial bet screen. OR
B. “Rebet” to place the same initial bet from the previous game.

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