You asked, and we delivered! Live Casino Hold’em is now available, offering you classic poker action combined with the real-time gaming excitement of Live Dealer.


Casino Hold’em is a perennial favorite, featuring common draw format, fast-paced action, and a streamlined betting process that will keep you coming back again and again. Play Live Dealer Casino Hold’em and discover what all the buzz is about.


The objective of Casino Hold’em is to score a better 5-card poker hand than your dealer, using your 2 dealt cards and five community cards. The game uses a single 52-card deck, which is changed and shuffled anew for each game. As a “common draw” game, Casino Hold’em allows any number of players in a single game simultaneously, with each player making their own decision on the same set of dealt cards. Players also have the option of betting on a side bonus bet which is derived from the poker value of the player's hole cards and the flop community cards.


To participate in the round, players place their initial ante bet by selecting a chip value from the slider and clicking the bet option before the timer runs out. The dealer deals the first round of cards:


  • Two cards facing up to the player
  • Two cards facing down for the dealer
  • Three community cards that are used by all participating players


Based on the five cards the player can see they can choose whether to continue with the hand or fold:


  • Option 1. CALL by placing a Call Bet – note that this selection automatically takes double the value of the ante bet to initiate the call bet.
  • Option 2. FOLD and drop the hand – note that a player will forfeit their ante bet if they choose the fold option.

The dealer then deals two more community cards, and the best possible poker hand is assembled for the player out of the players hole and the community cards. The dealer’s hand must qualify (pair of 4s or better) and if your hand is better, you win!

For a full list of game rules and ranking hands, click here.

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