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At Golden Nugget Online Casino, we value the fact that you choose to play online with us, and we appreciate your trust. In the interests of transparency, we want to explain the meaning of "RTP" - Return to Player. This statistic is calculated by taking the amount a player wins and dividing it by the amount they wagered.

In essence, Return to Player describes the percentage of wagered funds that a game will pay back to each player over many played games. RTP varies between games and between game providers. Each game on our site displays a "theoretical" RTP which is provided by the game manufacturer and certified by the DGE. This is the official observed payback over a very large sample of spins, usually one million or more. An individual player's actual RTP may vary considerably, based on how long they play and how much they win during a session. Popular games that receive a lot of play may have an actual RTP that is generally near their theoretical RTP, while games that receive very little play could display actuals significantly higher or lower during a given period of time.

The data below shows the manufacturer's listed theoretical RTP for each game, along with the actual RTP across all wagering on the Golden Nugget Online. Actual RTP data is posted on the first of every month, and reflects the previous 90 day period.


Game Type
Theoretical RTP %
Actual RTP %
Table Games
Video Poker




Game TypeNameTheoretical RTP %Actual RTP %
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