The Season Never Ends

Are you ready to push the boundaries of reality? Virtual Sports offers you a gameplay experience unlike any other, bringing you directly onto the playing field. True to life graphics and an unparalleled visual experience will allow you to enjoy the thrills of the greyhound races, soccer games, horse races, and motorcycle or car races. Get into the heart of the action with Virtual Sports!


Dynamic Experiences


Virtual Sports games push the boundaries of reality through dynamic game experiences that bring you right on to the playing field through the use of realistic graphics, audio commentaries, and video simulations. Whether your sport of choice is motorcycles or greyhound racing, you can experience never-before-available action and dramatic twists and turns.

Variety Awaits


Our available Virtual Sports games include Horses, Greyhounds, Motorcycles, Soccer, and Cars. No matter what experience you are craving, you can get right into the heart of the action with realistic racetracks and playing fields that offer you unparalleled adventure.




Experience the thrills of a Virtual Sports Horse race! Enjoy exciting, realistic racing simulations from the comfort of your couch. It can be a day at the races wherever you happen to be, as you stay riveted to your champion all the way to the finish line.





Discover how exciting a day at the races can be with Virtual Sports Greyhounds. Enjoy award-winning graphics, realistic sound effects and race animation, and get even closer to the action with audio commentary and true to life video simulations. Choose your champion and enjoy an unparalleled sports gaming adventure that is unlike anything you have ever experienced.





Burn some rubber and tear up the raceway in Virtual Sports Motorcycles! Take your place under the floodlights and enjoy award-winning animations and a wide variety of camera angles, to bring you right into the heart of the action. Discover a large selection of bet types and the most realistic motorcycle racing simulations around.





Unparalleled car racing simulations will allow you to experience the thrill of the races again and again! Twelve ranked drivers will be selected from a table of experienced drivers, and placed against incredibly realistic backgrounds. Engaging audio commentary will keep you riveted, along with camera angles that simulate the dynamic thrills of a real race. Live life in the fast lane!





The most realistic soccer experience ever comes to your screen in Virtual Sports Soccer. With over 30 bet types to give you the most realistic gaming experience, Virtual Sports Soccer brings you right down to the field. A real-time scoreboard and a wide variety of team pools to choose from ensure that you will want to join in the action again and again.



Sports Gaming


Choose your champion and live life in the fast lane with Virtual Sports! Lifelike graphics and a simple game interface invite you to discover the adventure that Virtual Sports games have to offer.

Quick Matches


Discover the excitement of sports gaming in a flash! Most racing events resolve in 60 seconds or less, and new events start every few minutes. You can also easily switch between different events and start new matches while still keeping track of an existing one - with Virtual Sports, you can stay in the action all the time!


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