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The Golden Reward Player's Club is an innovative way for you to get rewarded simply for playing your favorite games! No need to fill out any paperwork - if you have a Golden Nugget Online account, you are already a member! Plus, our Golden Points program lets you earn points to trade in for cash!

1 The 10 Loyalty points will be issued daily based on real money wager placed from 01:00 AM EST until 01:00 AM EST the following day.

2 The Points based on deposits will be credited once a week, on Wednesdays by 5 pm EST.

Q. How can I qualify for the Golden Rewards program?

A. You will be automatically signed up as soon as you sign up for a real money player account on

Q. What are Golden Points?

A. They are the points you earn for being an active player on Golden Nugget Online Casino. You can earn points in a lot of different ways, including making a deposit, wagering on your favorite games, opting in to special promotions, etc.

Q. How many points can I earn?

A. There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn! Once you have hit 100 points, you can redeem them for a $1 cash credit. Different actions will earn you different amounts of points. For instance, wagering $100 on blackjack, video poker, keno or table games will earn you 1 Golden Point, while wagering $100 on slots will earn you 5 Golden Points. See the table provided for a breakdown of other ways to collect points.

Q. Are the points credited to my account instantly?

A. Points you earn from wagers and special promotions are credited automatically, while points earned from daily deposits are credited once a week, on Wednesdays by 5 pm EST.

Q. If I earn a bonus, can I wager that bonus to earn more Golden Points?

A. No, gifts and bonuses do not count towards earning Golden Points, only depositing and wagering your own cash.

Q. Do the Golden Points expire?

A. Your points will expire after 90 days of inactivity.

Earning Golden Points

  • Any patron who is 21+ and an active member of is eligible to take part in the Golden Reward Player's Club, and to earn Golden Points.
  • Every time a patron places a real money wager, they will earn Golden Points. Different games are assigned different point values:         
    • $100 wagered on slots will earn 5 Golden Points
    • $100 wagered on Table Games, Blackjack, Roulette or Video Poker will earn 1 Golden Point.
    • These wager-based points will be automatically credited to the patron point’s balance, as they play.
  • In addition, Golden Points can be earned:
    • 10 points issued daily based on real money wager placed from 01:00 AM EST
      until 01:00 AM EST the following day.
    • Every day the patron deposits between $50 and $99: 20 points
    • Every day the patron deposits $100 or more: 40 points.
    • Points earned on daily deposits are credited once a week, on Wednesdays by 5 PM EST.
  • Bonus funds wagered do not count towards earning Golden Points, only patron’s own cash.
  • Golden Points will expire after 90 days of patron inactivity, and patron’s point balance will be cleared.
  • Patron inactivity is defined by the absence of wagering or deposit.

Redeeming Golden Points

  • Golden Points can be converted into cash at the rate of $1 per 100 points.
  • To redeem points, patrons must have a minimum of 100 Golden Points in their points balance. Points must be redeemed all at once, no partial redemptions are allowed.
  • A maximum of 100,000 points can be redeemed at once.
  • No more than two redemptions daily are allowed.
  • Once redeemed, the conversion into cash is final.
  • Cash is added directly to the patron’s cashable balance.
  • Redemption of Golden Points will forfeit any active bonus. Patrons will be notified of this through an informational message that will display prior to the Points redemption confirmation.
  • Golden Points can only be earned on, and not through play at Golden Nugget Casino Atlantic City.

    General Terms & Conditions

  • Golden Points cannot be transferred.
  • Golden Nugget reserves the right to manually add or remove points.
  • Golden Nugget reserves the right to exclude patrons from the program if there is suspicion or proof of fraud, or of points being acquired in a fraudulent manner.
  • Rules of the program are subject to change at any time.
  • Golden Nugget Reserves the right to cancel this program at any time.
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